I think it is fair to say that for most of us, these past few months have been somewhat like a white-knuckle roller coaster ride when it comes to dealing with emotional issues that have not yet been resolved.  They keep resurfacing when we least expect it, those nasty dragons who emerge from deep within the depths of our inner selves, having torn off the chains that kept them quiet are now ready to confront us again: ready for a fight.

Around mid-June, I had dragons coming out of my ears and while in the midst of all the turmoil, I found myself feeling grateful for the anger, frustration, sadness and resentment I was feeling.  I remember actually thanking the universe for knocking me on the head one more time because I knew how important it was for me to confront these issues once and for all.

Life has an interesting way of throwing our junk at us every now and then and if we don’t respond the knocks get harder and harder.  Finally we say, “Hey stop, what’s going on here!” and we pay attention.   We start to wake up and only then are we finally ready to take on the dragons and go into battle with only one thought in mind: To be victorious.   But what about those who refuse to wake up?  What about those that still have their dragons chained to the deepest darkest depths of their being?  Do we give up on them?  Run away from them?

What if someone close to you may be incredibly challenging at times and you find yourself angry, frustrated, resentful, judgemental, critical, shall I go on?  What if this person was in your life because you had something very important to learn from them?  what if this was all part o your journey towards the light and towards ascension? Do we really know how long preparing for ascension can take?  A few years, months, how about a lifetime?

What I am referring to does not mean we should allow someone to harm us physically or emotionally because we think we’re supposed to learn something from them.  But, if we ask ourselves and trust our intuition, the answer will come, as it did for me.

I happen to have two people in my life that are very challenging on a daily minute by minute basis.  For a long time I was angry at everything and everybody, resentful, hurt and the list goes on.  I felt drained and deflated of energy when I was around them.   It seemed to me it was a hopeless situation.  For years I read every self-help book under the sun and nothing seemed to work.  I started practicing meditation, trying to find some peace somewhere, some kind of balance that would enable me to have the energy to deal with these two people, who were extremely important in my life and who I knew were there for a very significant reason.

Everyone in our lives is there for a reason.  They may be terribly annoying, or wonderfully loving and full of light but we are here to learn from each other, and that means learning to forgive, to not judge each other, to not blame and criticize, to allow each person as an individual soul to grow and develop in the way they need to, but most importantly, we must learn to love each other.  And this goes for those souls out there that try our patience the most, because maybe they need it more than we do.  Maybe their annoying ways, are really a cry for attention, a cry for someone to take notice that they too are hurting and need love but they may not know how to ask for it or where to find it.

There are many people in our lives that come and go.  Some stay for longer periods of time than others but over the course of our lives we can see how truly connected we are to each other and how one depends upon another like links on a chain.  It is so important, especially during these times for us to help each other, to love and forgive.  At the same time we are learning, growing and progressing as human being, or rather beings of light and although each person is on their own spiritual path, we are working together, moving in the same direction, moving towards the light.

If you think about all the people you have met or known over your lifetime, and the events or situations you encountered with them, and then think about all the people who have known you and all the situations or events they have encountered with you.  What a wonderful network of learning and loving!  On October 13, 2010 Salusa stated, “We have known the truth deep down.  Man already knows where he is heading and there is much more to do before you can really talk deeply about ascension.”

Most of us have known our entire lives we were moving towards something very important.  We felt we could not grasp it or put a name to it.  Yet we felt compelled to search, to know more and to grow.  Salusa’s statement leads me to believe that deep down, we have all know we were headed for something very significant and our very lives are a preparation, a school of learning as we move towards the light. Although we are moving ever closer, we should be aware also that we are always learning and discovering new things about our world and about ourselves and we as inhabitants of this changing world still have a lot of work to do.  We are not there yet, but steadily making progress! Every one of us as participants in this change and if we take it on with an attitude of appreciation for this wondrous opportunity we have been presented with our journey will be a lot easier.  My question is for how long have you been on your journey towards the light, all your life, or perhaps since many lifetimes ago?  What really matters is now, and that you are fully conscious, awake and ready to dig your heels in.  I sure am.

In spite of all the work we have cut out for us, those of you who are awake, as you clear away issues your cellular memories will gradually awaken too and the essence of who you are will come into full consciousness and THAT in turn will give you the strength and the know how to continue this most important journey you are on, this journey towards the light and ascension.  Although getting to the actual event, day and curtain call should not be the highlight on your agenda.  Follow your heart and let your soul be your guide.  Help yourself heal by loving yourself and love others, especially the ones who challenge us the most.  It will undoubtedly be a difficult task but be brave and face the dragons.  The reward of having defeated them will be far greater than the difficulty of the task.  And always remember you are love and you are light!


1. http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/fc/ascension.html, Salusa October, 13, 2010 “We know the truth deep down”

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