Listening to the Voice of your Longing

The quality of longing is 
something we all share and it
something  that is present in our
everyday lives.  It is as real and
necessary as eating and breathing
because longing speaks to us
about who we really are.
Its subtle voice may come to us from far away places, in dreams, memories, in the form of music, art or literature or it may come up from behind and push us towards something.   It stirs within us a feeling of loss reminding us that we are missing a vital part of the puzzle that is necessary for our growth and development which will enable us to move forward on our path towards the light.
The voice of longing calls to the soul and when it does, healing is initiated.  It stirs within us the desire to heal, to look within ourselves and deepen the meaning of our lives.  We may feel a strong desire to make amends with a friend or family member, to visit a far away place, pursue a new career, or to become an active participant in our community or charity organization.  Longing has inspired great leaders and humanitarians such as Ghandi or Dr. Martin Luther King and it has also taken brave warriors into the most horrific battles.
Longing speaks to the greatest desires of our soul and when we listen with an open heart to the voice of our longing, it leads us to where we need to be, according to the path we were meant to travel, and it connects us to whom we need to know which in turn, keeps us moving steadily towards the light and ascension.
When we ignore the longing of our souls we are taking a great risk. Eventually we find ourselves stuck and frustrated with life.  Nothing seems to fill the void inside and we wonder why we aren’t happy even though we may have every “thing “we could possible want.  Why do we feel so shriveled and small inside?  Could it be that in the race for the biggest and the best we forgot to slow down and listen to the longing of our souls?  In the midst of the mad rush from here to there were we not paying attention?
I remember longing calling to me from a very early age.   I was incredibly drawn to animals and nature, especially forests.  The wild overgrown shrubbery in front of my house became my safe haven, my secret forest where some days I would spend hours by myself.  My life was a bit turbulent back then and by listening to the voice of my longing, I soon discovered how incredibly safe and at peace I felt in my secret forest.  My longing was not only helping me heal, it gently led me down a path that I have followed to this very day.  And that is my love of nature and the outdoors.   I still listen to the voice of longing and fortunately I have easy access to forests and quiet places where I still go and spend time by myself.  The voice of longing has also led me in other directions where I have found great joy and peace.  When we listen to the longing of our soul and act on it, we can literally feel ourselves expand and a keen awareness of everything around us becomes heightened.    We may even lose track of time.   A tremendous sense of inner peace radiates from our very core and that is the souls way of telling us we are on our true and right path.  We are doing the work we need to do as the voice of longing gently leads us and shapes our lives.
If you were to listen to the voice of your longing right now, what would it say to you?  Remember that longing is not about a new car or more money.  Longing comes to you from the deepest layers of your being and sparks a desire for simple things like contact with nature, expressing ourselves perhaps through writing, music or art, inner peace and fuller lives.  The voice of our longing plays a major part in our journey towards the light and ascension.  It is the deepest desire of the soul and it shapes the very essence of who we are.  Although these days it is very easy to get caught up in technology, and the race for the biggest and the best it is extremely important that we listen to the voice of our longing because it will deepen our lives, expand our souls and keep us moving towards the light.

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