My Angel Dogs!

 Here are a few of my Angel Dogs! In 2005 I wrote a story about a special Border Collie named Tequila.  This wonderful canine angel literally brought my husband and I together, and saved my son from a very serious accident.  Our furry friends are definitely angels in disguise!  Below I have included an exert from the Story, Tequila the Matchmaker Dog Who Saved a Family.

When I was only nineteen years old, I became the manager of my own business which was a boarding stables on the outskirts of the San Fernando Valley in the City of Angels, Los Angeles.  My friends, and co-owners of the property, helped me get it started.

These wonderful friends of mine rented a small trailer to a young man who had recently moved to the area.  They had met him, and said he was nice enough, but since he worked all day, and often well into the night, I never saw him.

My mornings at the stables began bright and early.  I was usually there by seven o’clock, ready to feed the horses, and clean the stalls of my nine boarders.  One morning I parked my car in its usual spot, which happened to be near the new tenant’s trailer when I noticed a large, new doghouse  and a small black and white puppy sitting inside.

I guessed by his coat length and coloring it was a young Border Collie.  I called to him, and he came to me immediately, wagging his tail so
hard his whole body shook with excitement.  The dog was attached to his house by a long chain. It was obvious that our renter didn’t want the dog running off while he was away at work.

This dog and I
became fast friends, especially when I began bringing dog biscuits for him everyday. I never saw the young man, but his dog looked well fed and cared for.  He sure was an energetic little character and he wanted to play all the time! One day I decided to untie him.  I hoped he knew me, and trusted me enough to stay nearby.  I had a lot of chores to do and I figured the little guy, and I could keep each other company while I worked.

The second I untied him he started running circles around me while playfully dodging this way and that.  From that moment on he always accompanied me on my rounds at the stables.  The problem was, during all this fun and good cheer, I forgot he really belonged to someone else.

It was a sunny June morning when I was outside stacking hay bales for the horses. The young dog laying nearby enjoying the warm sun when I saw a blue, and white Volkswagen van pull up in front of the trailer.  Minutes later I heard a voice calling, “Tequila! Tequila!” followed by a cheerful whistle.

The dog quickly sat up, and cocked his head to one side.  I waited to see what he would do.  Surely the young man was wondering where his dog was, and would he come looking for him?  I had grown so used to the dog’s company it hadn’t even occurred to me until that moment that I had done something wrong by untying him in the first place.

I nervously glanced in the direction of the whistles that were now growing louder, and louder as the young man approached us.  The dog began wagging his tail at the sight of him but curiously enough he didn’t move to greet him. “Tequila?” the man called softly.

Tequila answered with vigorous tail wagging.  I smiled not knowing what to say so I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “Oh, is that his name?” I asked.
Still watching his dog, the man said, “Looks like you’ve found another buddy haven’t you boy.” He patted Tequila on the head.
I put down the baling hooks I’d been working with, and walked over to the man.
“You know I’m really sorry about this.  I should never have untied him, but he seemed so friendly, and eager to play.  Trust me, I always check his water, and I tie him up again before I leave. Gosh I hope you don’t mind.”
The young man fell silent. I felt like a fool, but even that didn’t stop me as I rambled on.
“Did you know he likes dog biscuits?”I asked cheerfully.
Without looking at me he replied that yes he knew.  In fact, he found a pile of them in his closet the other day. He then glanced up at me with a teasing look in his eye, and we both burst out laughing.
Tequila must have known something good was unfolding because he joined in on our laughter with loud barks of approval.  The young man introduced himself to me as Raul Aguiar, and from that day forward we became friends.  Raul soon drove home like a madman everyday after work to get to the stables before I left for the day.  He also began helping me with the horses.

One morning, when I arrived at the stables I discovered that all the corrals were perfectly clean, the horses were fed, and the best part of all, was that inside of each feed bin I found a beautiful red rose!  That was the day he asked me out to dinner; our first official date, and a year later we were married.

                                                               Our Tequila




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