A Special Place for a LittleTree……and for me.

Hopefully everyone has a place they can go to when things get a little hectic and a break from everything is the order of the day.  It may be a quiet room in your house, in the park, a walk along the beach or another place of refuge we hold dear to our hearts.

I have one such place that I call my very own National Park.  This place has given me countless hours of peace, tranquility and thinking time where I can shed the layers of stress that I seem to accumulate throughout my work week.   It lies at the mouth of a long canyon where oak trees and sycamores grow abundantly.  As I enter the area I can’t help but look up at the tall oak trees, their branches interlacing with each other, almost blocking out the blue sky.  I hear the crunch, crunch of leaves under my feet from hundreds of oak and sycamore leaves that have fallen season after season, layer upon layer of timeless silence.  I often stoop to collect acorns from the ground which I jam full into my pockets and sometimes I’ve seen a cute little skunk going about his business nearby in the river bed, looking for grubs I suppose.  Thankfully, I’ve never been sprayed yet!

On my left is a slope where I find a circle of large granite stones, almost perfectly set in an ancient ceremonial fashion.  I like to sit on the largest one, close my eyes and let the gentle breeze carry me wherever it feels I need to go.

Further down the river, just past the Willows is the cathedral.  Upon standing in the middle of the surrounding oaks, I look up and the branches form an arch, like the ceiling of a great cathedral.  I sit down on a wooden bench, which I dragged down to this spot by myself (every cathedral must have it’s pews) and listen to the silence.

On the other side of the river is a small clearing where I planted a small tree.  In spanish the name is “Guata” and it was given to me as a gift.  It looks like a small pine with very sharp stickers on the end of its leaves.  Lately when I look at the tiny tree, I’ve had the feeling it was telling me it felt cramped in its pot and needed to be set in the ground so it can grow, spread it’s roots and anchor itself to the Earth.   I can understand the small tree because lately I’ve felt the need to spread my roots and anchor myself to the Earth too.

My current dilemma is how am I going to cross the river once the rains start?  I am contemplating building a rock bridge of some sort but then again, maybe not.    Wouldn’t that be nice if getting from once side of the river to the other was all we had to worry about?

My special place is my safe haven.  My refuge from the world and my own national park, if only for just a little while.  I highly recommend finding your own special place if you don’t already have one.   We all need a place to just be once in a while and to listen to the silence.  Believe me, it does wonders for the soul!

3 thoughts on “A Special Place for a LittleTree……and for me.

  1. Hi Christine. One of my “special places” is right outside our door. My husband, I and our wolf-dog live on an isolated bluff overlooking the Columbia River in the wilds of northern Oregon. The Columbia is the 6th largest river in the world, and since are less than 50 miles from Astoria where it empties into the sea, it is a tidal river–a fact I was unaware of when we first moved here–thought I was losing my mind when I first saw it flowing the “wrong” way! But twice a day–regardless of storms or weather conditions, the waters flowing into the river become equal to the waters rushing toward the sea become equal and the entire two mile stretch of river becomes as still and calm as a river. When my life becomes hectic–especially if I’m out in “the world”, I return to that peace and utter stillness and it is a balm for my anxiety and fear. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hello Paulette,

      You are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place! You have a wolf dog? Nice! I love dogs and I´m partial to Queensland Heelers, we have quite a few of them. Nature sure has a way of soothing the soul doesn´t it. I´ve never heard of a river that flows the wrong way. I´ll bet it is quite a site to see. Thank you for your comment and thank you as well, for sharing!



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