Living Our Truth

As 2012 rapidly approaches, many of us are already contemplating  the coming year ahead.  There are many  challenges facing us as individuals and as a collective that may cause us to look towards 2012 with anxiety and uncertainty.   How do we look ahead with optimism and cheer when the hounds of chaos are nipping at our heels?   How do we find it within ourselves to make plans for the future, pursue our goals and follow our dreams?  In a nutshell, how do we find the courage to keep moving forward?

This writer sincerely believes that if we whole heartedly acknowledge the truth of who we are and accept the significance of our existence during this life time, then we can make the necessary changes in our lives to establish peace, equality and freedom from an individual standpoint and as a collective.  If this is the case, then the prognosis for a brighter future  is really quite good.

There is a wonderful book called “Yearning for the Wind, by Shamanic practitioner and Celtic visionary, Tom Cowan, where he refers to a story in which St. Patrick asks one of Ireland’s legendary warrior heroes, Finn MacCool, what sustained him and his men all those years before Christianity.  The old saint found it hard to imagine that anyone could survive without knowledge of the gospels.  The brave warrior replied, “The Truth in our hearts, the Strength in our arms, and the Promise on our lips.”  In other words, he summarized the old Celtic moral code: to live from the deep inner knowledge of heart and soul, to manifest it by physical action, and to be true to one’s word.   In other words, to live our truth.

To live in truth is to live in harmony with our soul and acknowledge the truth of who we are.  In today’s society that can be very challenging.  For too long, human society has suppressed the truth in certain circumstances mainly because the awareness of dark truths and truth itself may have been too intolerable for us to grasp.   As a collective and as individuals we are learning to live our truth which is all too apparent from the current situations within societies and governments around the globe.  We are opening our eyes to the fact that we can no longer tolerate deception, lies and cover ups.  And the worst of it is, we are realizing that we have lived far too long with artificiality and social requirements that have depleted the Truth of our very souls.

The activists of the Occupy movement are manifesting their truth by physical action.  The people in the middle east who have risen up against their corrupt governments are also manifesting their truth with physical action.  Everyday, more and more people are speaking out in honor of their truth.  It may come in the form of a government meltdown, an activist meeting in the park or a sole individual who is simply tired of being taken advantage of and who finally decides to speak out and say, enough is enough.

In “Yearning for the Wind”, Mr. Cowan also refers to the Celtic Queen Boudicca and how we might adopt her battle cry when she rallied her armies against the Romans fighting for the right of the Celtic people to be both in charge and in control of their lives.  “The Truth against the world!”  Unfortunately she was defeated and the Romans took control over Britain.  Nevertheless, she and her warriors fought truth, strength and promise.

As 2012 rapidly approaches, we are on the verge of a new era, a new way of being as individuals and as a collective.  It may be high time to let go of our old way of being, look within our hearts and accept the truths within us.   It’s time to live from the deep inner knowledge of heart and soul, manifest it with physical action and be true to our word.   Take hold of your truth, be it, live it and stand with your soul.


Yearning for the Wind: Celtic Reflection on Nature and the Soul, written by Tom Cowan June 2003.

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