The Chains that Bind Us: Letting Go of Our Limitations

As we move into a new era of consciousness we must first ask ourselves if we are willing to let go of the limitations which keep us from fully embracing our truth.

Self-Limitations hold us down and anchor us to the murky waters of our illusions.  They are self-criticizing beliefs and thought patterns which distort our perception of everything around us and hinder our spiritual growth.
Society, the media and especially the entertainment industry have infused distorted concepts of beauty, wealth, and ways of being that have caused people to become fearful of valuing themselves and feelings of unworthiness, or not being good enough control the very essence of who they are.
Over the centuries, entire societies were based on criticism, fear and negative belief systems which did nothing but control people while keeping them conveniently buried in the illusion of limitation.  Social and economic classes, identified by colors of race and religious preference, also became part of the self-limiting mind-set and in some cases the detriment of many societies.
Many self-limitations stem from early childhood.  We might remember being teased at school or names called at us referring to our physical attributes or the type of clothes we wear.  Demeaning comments from family members are the worst because they are the ones we trust the most.   As we accumulate self-limitations during the course of our lives they affect the entire way we see ourselves and our concept of the world we live in.   Sit down and think about it, these limitations we have are so engrained in us, we hardly notice them as limitations anymore because we have accepted them as ways of being.

By letting go of our limitations, we break away from the prison of self-criticism and ignite our creativity, passion and our purpose. We are free.  Freedom to be, is the most joyful freedom there is because we have cut the chains that bind us.  Our lives begin to change and we finally begin to see the wonderful possibilities the universe has to offer us.  We are able to continue our journey towards ascension, fully conscious, with soul by our side.
As we begin to accept our truth, fear may raise it´s ugly head to see if it can still control us one more time.  When this happens, and it will, we must remember that we are all worthy of being loved beyond our comprehension.  We are all here to take part in the magnificent changes that are occurring at this time as we move into this new era of Unity consciousness.   On November 16th, Saul stated:

“Humanity’s awakening is a done deal; it is going to happen as divinely intended; there are no other options.  The divine energy field enveloping Planet Earth was enormously strengthened and intensified on 11-11-11 to give you all the power and assistance that you need to enter into and complete your process of awakening.

This process is very demanding, which is why you are receiving so much help from so many loving spiritual beings, and their love for you is way beyond your comprehension while you continue to hold on to and support the illusion with the energy of your fears and doubts.  Your fears and doubts are important issues that you need to address and release by opening your hearts to God’s Love Field in which you have your eternal existence.”

If we look within our hearts, the courage to rid ourselves of self limitations is there.  We have legions of angels and enlightened beings at our side who support us and want nothing more for us than our  highest good.  They want us to understand how much we are loved and how important it is to break the chains of our illusions so we can accept the truth of who we are and continue moving steadily towards the light and ascension.

In his book Eternal Echoes, Celtic scholar, poet and philosopher John O Donohue said, “The chains that bind us, bind our souls.  These are the worst because these are the chains that have cut you the deepest and have held you the longest.”

It´s time to take the chains off and merge with the deepest calling of our soul.  The truth will set us free and Freedom to BE, is everything.  Once you experience the joys of freedom, there´s simply no turning back.



Eternal Echoes by John O Donohue, Harper Collins, 1999

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