The Tree Speaks

The following poem, ¨The Tree Speaks¨, by Cathal O Searcaigh tugs at my heart and reminds me of the deep connection we all have to nature and the Earth.
This poem from the tree´s point of view speaks to us about the joys of life and the importance of living every moment we can with appreciation and gratitude and for simply being alive.
I´ve also included some pictures of my safe haven mentioned in my post, ¨A Special Place For A Little Tree…….And For Me.¨  Enjoy!

The Tree Speaks by Cathal O Searcaigh

I am the tree that will be destroyed tomorrow,
I will be cut and laid low.

My dignity will be hacked at,
my limbs will be strewn in the dirt of the street,
my strong limbs.
The white blossoms of my laugh will be stolen.

Everything I have stored
in the marrow of my memories will be destroyed.
My first tears of joy, my first leaves of hope,
the first syllables of music pulsing through my branches,
the first spring which clothed me in a green dress.

The tales of adventure related to me by the birds,
the nests that flourished in the leafy shelter of my eye,
the storms I calmed in the softness of my embrace.

The children who swung between life and eternity
in my branches,
the whispered secrets breathed to me in the night sky,
the moon who dressed me in the golden lace of autumn,
the angels who alightened me with snow.

with the fluent tongue of my leaves,
I defend passionately this space which I thrive,
in which I spread with wonder the green thoughts
that come to me in Spring.

With bounteous seeds I covered
this earthly space around me with certainty in celebration
of the Tree Spirit that quickened firmly in me as I came of age.

And tomorrow when they burn me,
when my bones will smoke,
I will become one with the sky, the Fiery Sky!
that has fueled my imagination from dawn to dusk
with brightness, with Light.




2 thoughts on “The Tree Speaks

    1. Hi Marcia, thank you so much for sharing the video with me and I would like to see your book too. Do you have a website or blog?
      I love trees and yes, they do speak. We just have to take the time to slow down and listen with our hearts.
      Thank you again.


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