The Winter Solstice- A Celebration of Light

On December 21st we celebrate the Winter Solstice, a celebration of the sun’s return, of darkness, light, rebirth and renewal.
On December 21st we will celebrate the Winter Solstice. Winter Solstice has been a celebration of the sun and of light for centuries. The shortest day and the longest night of the year officially marks the beginning of winter. Our Christmas tradition of decorating trees and the New Year tradition of lighting bonfires both stem from traditional Winter Solstice celebrations where the darkest night was lit by bonfires and evergreen trees were decorated with candles. Evergreens signify the rebirth of life that is coming, while the fire/lights are symbolic of the sun’s return. It is no coincidence that though Hanukkah has historical origins, it is also a holiday in celebration of light. Each night there is an additional candle lit in the menorah to blaze brightly against the coming darkness.

How do you nurture the light within yourself? What rituals and practices do you have to remind yourself that in the midst of darkness there is always light? Take some time this holiday season and acknowledge the darkness descending so early. And acknowledge the power within you to light a light. Acknowledge the deeper meaning behind the gaily lit store windows and the pretty, colorful gift wrapping. Celebrate the light that is.

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