A Note to My Readers

Hello there Reader,

Talk about living our truth!  I´ve decided to make a few changes in my blog site which resonates more with who I am.  It´s a huge part of my life that I feel I need to write about more and I´d like to share this with you if I may.
If you find that these changes are not what you would like to read about in this blog I absolutely understand if you decide to unsubscribe at a later date.  But I ask that you give me at least two weeks and then make your decision!.
Although I will continue to post stories and articles on personal development, inspiration and reflection from the Celtic heart.

Thank you for your patience……



One thought on “A Note to My Readers

  1. Hi there
    Interested to see your new changes … looking forward to reading your impending posts about the Hidden Truth of Ireland as well.
    This is very much the time to stand in our truth… and also, as you say, to live in our truth.
    The truth will set us free.
    Much love


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