The Truth of the Irish Holocaust

 I´ve been hearing a lot about truth these days.  It seems everywhere truth is making itself known as we are uncover truths about ourselves, our lives, our beliefs and within society as well.   It´s quite possible the old saying, The Truth Will Set You Free will become a motto for the new era.

Whether you are believers or not, yesterday I had a reading with AAM.  Many truths were made known to me about myself but most of all, my life long love of Ireland and the connection I´ve  felt to that place was confirmed.   I´ve spent a lot of time there even though in this life, I visited the Emerald Isle only once.
While we´re on the subject of truth, I am providing those who are interested, a link to a website regarding the Truth of the Irish Holocaust.  This is one truth that must be known.  How can is it possible millions of Irish starved from a lack of potatoes?  The atrocity of what really happened and how it was made to look like something else is shocking.  Let the truth be told.
There are different kinds of truth in this world.    There is truth which brings us tranquility and inner peace.   There is truth which invites us to make changes in our lives and bring us closer to our greater good.  Then there is the kind of truth which jolts us awake, gives us a good shake down from head to toe and suddenly, the blinders come off and  we can see again.   Whether or not we chose to accept the kinds of truth life puts before us is entirely up to us.

The Truth of the Irish Holocaust is one truth that will jolt you awake.

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