The Truth in Our Dreams

Last night I had an interesting dream……….

I was inside a small, dimly lit room.  There were tables and chairs everywhere, different shapes and sizes piled in every corner.  I was unable to move freely without bumping my leg against the corner of a desk or some other hard object.  I felt totally trapped and frustrated at my inability to move.

Next, I found myself walking down a long corridor until I entered another room.  This room was much larger and completely free of the junk I encountered in the other room.  Upon entering the larger room I said, ¨This is much better!¨

I didn´t feel trapped anymore.  Quite the contrary.  I felt free!  This room also had a large window with plenty of light flooding in through the clear, glass panes.  When I looked through the glass, I felt an urge to go outside into the light of day.

This brings to mind something I was told a few days ago about speaking my truth……something I definitely need to work on.  I´d like to bet there are many people out there who refrain from expressing their heartfelt ideas and opinions for fear of ridicule and being laughed at.  But who are we kidding here?  No body but ourselves.

This also reminds me of life inside the box.  Much like the small room where it´s cramped and tight.  Much like our fear of expressing our truth and letting people see who we really are.  It´s time to step up to the plate and get out of the box.  This is a time when everyone needs to come together and help each other climb out of their boxes too.  This is what Unity Consciousness is all about, is it not?

This morning when I woke up, I felt light and bouncy.   Free is probably a better word.  It will take some work, but I intend to get out of the box where I have been living for so long.  I walked out into the sunlight and felt an incredible warmth flood through my body and it occurred to me I had almost forgotten how wonderful the light can be.

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