King Leopold II: Our Freedom of Choice

This morning I watched a chilling documentary of another predator in history, King Leopold II and the Belgian Congo.

Between 1885-1908, there were 5 to 8 million victims under Leopold’s personal rule, under a barbarous system of forced labor and systemic terror.
Leopold never saw a drop of blood spilt in anger because he never set foot in the Congo.  Instead, in 1876 the IAA (Internal African Association) hired explorer Henry Morton Stanley to go into the Congo and extract rubber sap for the large demand for tires and other products.  Stanley led these expeditions, raping the land, and destroying it’s people in the name of greed, money and power.
As I watched the screen, my mind wandered to other predators in history; from Genghis Khan and the Inquisitors of the Spanish Inquisition, all who were responsible in the persecution of millions for their religious beliefs, ideals, political affiliations and the color of their skin.  Power, greed and money corrupted the hearts of many and the innocents fell victim.
The majority of these victims, were not allowed to exercise their freedom of choice; to chose to be active participtants in the events unfolding around them, or not.  Most were subjected to physical and emotional torture,  a brutal form of persuasion, forcing them to deny their free will and comply with their oppressors.
We have freedom of choice in this world.  We chose to comply with our oppressors, those whose intentions are not for our greater good,  or we chose to live our truth and take responsibility for our own greater good, and how we access it.
Today, many truths are coming to light; and people everywhere are removing the veil of lies and illusion that has blinded them for so long.   We are slowly transitioning into a new era with a world that works for everyone.  It is my sincere hope that greed, power, treachery and all war will become distant memories of the past.

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