Little……..With a Big Heart

Does anyone remember the 80’s song, Short People, by Randy Newman?
Some people thought the song was funny, and others thought it was very discriminating.  I was a teenager back then, and although I laughed when I first heard it,  it seemed a little extreme.

Recently, I heard the song again, and I found it hard to listen too.  This day and age, judgement and criticism of others is not the order of the day.  We are changing our perception of what’s important and this is a huge milestone for people everywhere.

What we look like on the outside is irrelevant.  What matters, is the kind of person we are, inside.  These days, because of social and media pressure, it’s so easy for people to judge someone by their looks, instead of getting to know them for who they are, inside their hearts.

I’d like you to meet “Tick” in the picture below.

This tiny little girl, lives in Real Del Castillo, and she would amaze you if you met her in person.  She travels with us on our pack trips, over 30 miles, walking and running, passing over sharp rocks, through thick brush and she scales mountains like they were aunt hills.  Tick is never happier than when she’s on the trail.  Tick has a huge heart, and if she could speak, I’m sure she’d say, it never ocurred to her, she was small.    She’s a sweet dog who reminds me, we are all capable of doing great things.  If we have faith in ourselves, then we can literally move mountains.  It’s all about our intent of purpose, and faith.

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