Hope and the Human Spirit

Hope is a powerful word.   What is hope?  Hope is a belief that things which happen in the future, will have a positive outcome.

Hope is also another word for courage.  The determination to never allow yourself to be defeated is hope. It is a choice we must all make, especially when life has handed us a particularly difficult situation. What exists today will change in time. If we base our happiness on something outside ourselves, we will be sure to experience a feeling of hopelessness. The important thing is to build a strong self-identity and a strong self-esteem.

In our daily lives we have many experiences that seem impossible to get through. This is the time we must summon the courage to have hope. Without it, then we truly WILL be defeated. When our inner determination changes from one of pessimism to optimism, everything in our environment changes too. We can then be supported by the power of the universe which lies within our lives and even make something that seemed impossible into a reality. If we give up hope then our outer world gives up as well and we plunge ourselves into desperate unhappiness

Many of us hope for a better world:  A world of freedom and equality for future generations to come.  We hope world leaders will begin to lead their people, with the greater good of the people, their primary concern.  We hope for change, new direction, fresh ideas and we hope someone, if not ourselves, will take action in bringing all of this into being.

When do we relinquish all  hope?  Does the spirit of the human heart ever give up?  I think not.  If we give up hope then our outer world gives up as well and we plunge ourselves into desperate unhappiness.

There are times the downwards spiral sweeps us away, but more often than enough, we make a come back, with new hopes and dreams which inspire us to keep going, one step at a time.  Hope is the spark which fuels the human spirit.

I hope, we all have the courage for hope to become a natural state of life.  If we believe in the greatness of our own lives and the lives of others, this is the first step in creating a new society of peace and mutual respect.

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