Rancho La Bellota at Agrobaja 2012

This past weekend, Raul and I traveled to the city of Mexicali, about 3 hours from Ensenada, to attend an annual event called Agrobaja.  This event, was designed for rural businesses, to advertise and distribute their products to worldwide markets.

The enormity of this event is amazing.  Ten rural business owners,  from every state in Mexico, presented their product in participation with this event.  Raul and I were invited to promote Rancho La Bellota in the category or “tourist services” for the state of Baja California.

Rancho La Bellota's booth with Caroline at the helm.

Last year, 50,000 people walked through the turn styles, and this year they were expecting at least 60,000.  Since this is an event designed for international marketing, representatives not only from Mexico, but also from the United States, Japan, and other foreign markets were there, looking for new products to introduce into their countries.     http://www.agrobaja.com/pages/agroBaja.php

 UABC University Autonoma of Baja California,
Institue of Investigative Veterinary Science

My 24-year-old son, Ricardo, “Ricky” is in his third year of vet school at UABC in Mexicali, Baja California.  The university had different booths, each representing an academic department in UABC.  The school of veterinary medicine was among them.

I spoke with the Dean, Dr. Tomas Renteria, who showed me pictures of the new hospital they are building and  he explained to me about some of the programs they are involved with, such as environmental care and protection of Baja California’s endangered species.

What inspired me to write about the university is the enthusiasm I saw in the students, their professors and of course, Dr. Renteria, regarding the school and their activities.  When someone loves what they do, you get a sense of it when interacting with them, as I did with Dr. Renteria, and I have to admit, it was contagious.

My son Ricky, attends regular classes, and he is also working at the campus dairy farm in the afternoons.  Ricky is doing the afternoon milking and taking care of the new-born calves.  He took Raul and I on a tour, and much to my surprise,  I soon discovered this was a huge operation.  Since I have little knowledge on the subject, Ricky gave me a quick class in dairy farm management.  I learned it requires a lot of work and constant veterinary vigilance.  Believe me, it’s a lot more than milking a couple of cows.

Ricky and Caroline with one of the calves in the dairy.

I find it wonderful to see such dedication, from the professors and administrators who automatically project their overall enthusiasm to the students by getting them directly involved in school activities, combined with loads of hands on practice in animal care, management and handling.

On another note, we received word that Ricky was accepted to a summer internship at EQCOVET, which is a major Equine Hospital in Guadalajara.  Raul and I were very happy to hear this, although it took a little while, Raul has adjusted to the idea: Ricky won’t be at the ranch this summer to help with the oat harvest.  Oh well, I always tell my kids, when an opportunity arises, and especially when it concerns their future, they have to go for it.  Either you put in 100% of your effort, or nothing.

Here is the link to the university’s Facebook page.  You might want to see what their doing and if you feel inspired to cheer them on with a comment by all means go ahead.  English or in Spanish, all is well understood.

In all sincerity, I’m so relieved there are major educational institutions out there, like the Institute of Verterinary Sciences, where the well being and ecuation of there students comes first.

Students at the vet booth
Where the milking takes place.
Ricky and Caroline in the nursery.
This is a fraction of the tractor equipment for sale at Agrobaja. It was a big event!

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