Nature’s Gift

I spent a lot of time gazing out my bedroom window this past weekend while watching the rain, as it poured down in heavy, torrents.  It occurred to me, how much we need nature’s gift in the way of abundant rainy seasons each year.  Most people who live off the land, those who raise food for themselves, their livestock or otherwise, entirely depend on Nature for the success of their livelihood while living in the country.

Water is life.  In the country, on farms and ranches, water means everything.  Without water, there isn’t any growth or prosperity of life.  Without water, life can’t thrive as it should, and if a lack of water persists, life eventually ceases to exist.  This we see in places like the Sahara Desert, where it receives less than three inches of rain each year.

At our ranch, with little rain, vegetation becomes dry and the animals don’t thrive as abundantly as they should.  Animals, such as rabbits, squirrels and quail who live within the vicinity, are seen less often because their numbers are few.  Predatory animals, like the coyote, hawk and fox, suffer because the abundance of food, diminishes rapidly. This we’ve seen in the hot summer months when the land is parched and dry.  Water is the wheel that generates the cycle of life.

Every year, we plow the fields, a total of 80 acres, and plant oats for our horses.  The price of hay bales has exploded within the past 4 years and the thought of buying bales for 25 horses is absolutely out of the question, which is why we decided to grow our own food.  Not only would this save us an incredible sum of money, we also assure ourselves, the horses will be eating good quality food, which keeps them healthy and in good condition, all year.

Fortunately, during these past years, the rainy seasons have been good and because of that, we’ve fed our horses the entire year, on what we cultivate at the ranch, in addition to what they eat when they are loose and roaming in the hills.  So far, nature has been kind to us and we are extremely appreciative.

As I continued to watch the rain fall, a dense fog moved in, landing to rest just below the mountain peaks.  This locked in more cold and soon hail began to fall.  My attention, immediately drawn to the click, click of ice, as it landed on the patio outside, sent my thoughts to the bright fire inside the wood burning stove, across the room.  I was incredibly grateful for the warmth it sent me.

This past weekend, it rained day and night for three days straight.  The oat fields are secure.  There will be food for the horses all year.  The animals and vegetation around us will thrive and life will continue as it should, prosperous and abundant, thanks to nature’s gift of a good rain season.

Sometimes it takes a good rain storm to slow us down.  It’s during these times we are able us to appreciate everything around us. The sun, water and the food we eat, are the spokes that turn the wheel in the cycle of life, and all of which, allow us to thrive.

2 thoughts on “Nature’s Gift

  1. Bendicion mas grande la de las lluvias, milagro del Universo ,equilibrio Humano ,lo as dicho tan maravillosamente el agua es vida,en todos los espacios del mundo,para ricos y para pobres ,en ciudades y rancherias,y no le hemos dado el valor que ha merecido siendo que cada dia nos sera menos alcansable.Es por ello que tu pequeño gran cielo (tu rancho) le he llamado “pedacito de cielo en la tierra”, son los que con amor y conciencia han hecho de el un lugar autosustentable,ejemplo de cuidado a la biodiersidad, lejos de cualquier contaminacion, desde que entras ese camino tan limpio en donde solo se respira equilibrio,armonia y una intensa paz; bendecidos son ya que para muchos es como tocar el cielo (para mi) Gracias por consedido ese regalo y habernos invitado a sentir sus grandes bondades.Eso explica la gradeza de sus almas.
    Nuestro mas sincero aprecio Pau yLourdes


    1. Hola Lulu and Pau!
      Verdad que el agua es una bendicion que es para todos, aunque venimos de diferentes partes del mundo y diferentes estilos de vida, debemos cuidar la, como debemos cuidar los otros elementos como, fuego, nuestro aire y claro! La tierra!
      Ojala que llueve mas, para que se llena el arroyo. Esta tan relajante, dormir con el sonido del agua corriendo, y despertar en la manana con lo mismo. 🙂

      Sigo con la esperanza que podemos reunirnos un dia. En Agrobaja, si habia interes in Qigong, y espero que tenemos buenos resultados en eso. No es algo de otro mundo, Qigong esta a la alcance de todos. 🙂

      Que esten bien,


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