Sometimes It’s Hard to Let Go

Sometimes, when we’re asked to step back from something, it’s not easy to do. Momentarily, we might feel lost because we’ve become so familiar with our routine of doing, we can’t see the signs which are dancing infront of us, telling us, it’s time to stop.

The surprising thing about stepping back, is we gain a perspective of what is truly going on around us.  It’s almost as if our heads come up out of the sand.  We can see again, and what we see, are new opportunities coming our way.

For the past four years, I’ve cooked for all our guests at Rancho La Bellota.  My job was to serve up delicious, traditional Mexican food, breakfast lunch and dinner, to our groups, always varying in size, with sometimes up to 15 people at a time.

These past few months we’ve trained someone to help me in the kitchen, and it’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t need training anymore.  While I was sick in bed this past weekend with a cold, it became the perfect opportunity to let her take over: an opportunity she was more than willing to accept.

Raul had a talk with me a few days ago, and in his most polite way, which sometimes is a stretch for him, he fired me.  He said it’s time to let go, and step away so the cook can take over.  Afterall, that what we were training her for in the first place.  I agreed, rather reluctantly at first.  I felt jolted out of my comfy routine, safe in the kitchen doing my thing.   Raul said, I take care of all the reservations, answering emails and office work, that was a lot, and it was good enough.  I didn’t need to do all the cooking too.  He was definetly right about that.

As I tussled with feelings of insecurity, after being politely fired, it suddenly dawned on me. Here was a oppportunity.  This was my chance to start riding with the groups again, something I’ve always loved to do, and something I have truly missed.  If I’m to start riding, this means, I should also take the opportunity to shed the few extra pounds I somehow gained while working in the kitchen.

When we’re met with change, or a sudden jolt in our routine, it can upset our comfort zone, and it can leave us feeling like we’re floundering in the wind.  Just remember, to always look forward, towards a bright horizon, because it’s there you’ll see, life’s uncanny way of sending us the right opportunity, just when we need them the most.

I’m looking forward to getting back on my horse.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Hard to Let Go

  1. mi querida ,Caroline son tan cietas las palabras que escribes, aveces las señales llegan de una y otra manera, y la carrera de la vida , el poner la mirada solo hacia afuera y olvidarnos de nuestro interior, y el Universo hermoso es tan sabio que de maneras tan inexplicables nos enseña y hace que paremos nuestro tiempo y nos demos cuenta que hay que conseder un poco de fe a nuestro entornos mientras damos paz a nuestro ser , si paramos y meditamos , mientras paramos consedemos a la vida la confianza de que lo que nos interesa este bien, todo funciona, todo camina , todo esta bien , asi que hay que disfrutar el nuestra nueva etapa de vida , nuestras nuevas desiciones y a darnos al 100 a la vida , gracias por compartir, gracias por ser como eres un saludo a tu hermosa familia y aprovecho para extender mi invitacion para el dia 28 de Abril para celebrar el Dia mundial de Tai Chi y Qi gong sera en Ensenada , por tercera vez consecutiva, invita a todo el que puedas recuerda esto sera un regalo para el mundo estaremos mas de 75 paises unidos en un solo respiro y un solo movimiento. les esperamos.


  2. As much as we would like things to remain the way they are, the nature of the universe is to change. Of course, flowing with change can be difficult. During times of change, meditation helps me get through the feeling that I just fell out of orbit. Great post!


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