The Goddesses, A Nectarine Tree and Unexpected Events

The Goddesses left to right: Katie, Teddy, Marge, Maggie, Beth, Debra, Robyn, Linda, Jennifer, Julie and Jill.  Mary, was definitely there in spirit.

The Goddesses and the Nectarine Tree

We had the pleasure of spending the past 4 days with a lovely group of women known as the Goddesses.  Each year we look forward to seeing them, like friends and family coming home, and I always wonder what interesting events will play out during a Goddess weekend.

This year, the Goddesses brought us a beautiful Nectarine tree.  We made a ceremony out of it and planted the tree together.  For Raul and I, this tree is a reminder of all the wonderful years we’ve spent together, and as the tree grows tall and strong, I hope our friendship with the Goddesses continues to grow as well.

The Goddess, touched my heart in different ways.  I can’t help but admire these women for their accomplishments, their courage, wisdom and strength.  We laughed a lot, talked heart to heart about everything under the sun, and shared pieces of our lives, which fueled our hopes and dreams.

On Saturday night, we had our annual awards ceremony.  All in good fun, Raul and I won an award for the kindest, most hospitable hosts, especially in the event of an emergency.  Others won an award for being wizards of mathematics, knowing what to do in a crisis, and the shortest stay ever at La Bellota.

Our 24 year-old son Ricky, came home from vet school to visit the Goddesses.  They’ve known Ricky since he was 14 years old, and they’ve literally watched him grow up.  They hug him, squeeze his cheeks, and ruffle his curly brown hair.  There is always an abundance of interest in hearing about his activities at school, and his plans in all aspects of his life.  Ricky didn’t stop smiling the entire weekend, as he happily settled into lengthy conversations with them while riding on the trail, or at the dinning room table.  What a lucky guy.

Unexpected Events

A few unexpected events occurred this past weekend, but regardless of the situation, the Goddesses pulled together, rose to the occasion, and tackled the situation at hand.

One of the Goddess broke her foot while climbing out of bed.  In the wee hours of the night, we drove her to the border, and delivered her into the waiting arms of her husband, which turned out to be the best thing to do.

After a few days in the hospital, surgery and some strong pain medicine, we hear she is on the mend and doing fine.  I might add, that this Goddess showed incredible bravery and strength as she fought off the incredible pain.  We wish the best for her and a speedy recovery!

Another unexpected event……our Blue Heeler, Kalua, gave birth to 8 healthy, wiggly puppies.  They are all black and white like their Border Collie father.  As luck would have it, the Goddesses  saw the entire event.  Hurray for Kalua and her new-born puppies!

Of all the events which played out at the ranch this weekend, expected and unexpected, there was one that stood out the most.

Mrs. K, decided she wanted to leave her saddle at La Bellota, because she said the ranch is the only place she would be riding from now on.  It was an honor for Raul and I, and we gladly accepted her decision.  We promised her, when she returned next year, her saddle would be oiled, cleaned and waiting for her to use again.

What else can I say about this exciting weekend while in company of such inspirational women?  Only one thing…. I can’t wait for next year.  I wish every day was next year, so we could visit more often.  Raul, Ricky and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit with them, and for us, next year can’t come fast enough.

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