An Uplifitng Puppy Story

It occurred to me, that lately, I’ve been writing sad dog stories about snake bites and orphaned puppies.   If you’re an animal lover like I am, then you know, we can only take so much crying and carrying on when the poor animals get hurt.

When I was a girl, I watched Lassie, the Black Stallion Movie, Old Yeller and all those wonderful stories that made me cry my eyes out; and I loved them anyways.   Would you believe I cried when I took my son to see Dumbo?  The scene where Dumbo is whisked away from his mother, who is shackled and locked inside a cage, just about kills me every time I see it.

I decided for this post, I’d even the score and write an uplifting, humorous puppy story, which took place just about a week ago.  Believe me, it’s one you don’t want to miss.

At the ranch, we call my daughter Christine, the foster-mother.   When lambs are born, if the mother dies, or if the mother rejects them, we take the lamb to Christine and she raises it until the lamb is able to eat on its own.

The interesting thing about Christine is, she also has the uncanny ability to find stray dogs and puppies.  Or they find her. I haven’t figured it out yet.

Last week, while visiting a friend, she found a puppy.  We think it’s a poodle with something else, but we’re not really sure.  I told Christine she absolutely had to find a home for it.  There was no way we could take in another dog. Well, it wasn’t long before the puppy had a name, and it was then I knew we were in trouble.  She decided to call him, Jagger.

About three days after she found him, Jagger wasn’t looking to good. Parvo Virus was my first guess so I suggested Christine take him to the vet, which she did.  The vet gave her some de-worming medicine and said he would be fine.  Unfortunately, the puppy grew steadily worse, until finally, I urged her to take him to another vet who had a dog and cat hospital.  I thought surely, they would run a test on him and see what was really going on.

Sure enough, they took an x-ray, and the next thing we know, the vet says Jagger’s intestine was growing into itself.  If that makes any sense.  There was also an obstruction which explained why the pup was not eating or defecating.  The last blow came when the vet told us Jagger needed an operation, or else he would die in 2 days.  This vet, by the way, is one of the best.  He treated Kalua for the rattlesnake bite and I trusted he knew exactly what he was talking about.

When we heard he needed an operation, Christine was beside herself with worry, and me, well, the puppy had already sucked me into his heart a few days before,  so we both agreed to go ahead with it.  I’d like to add here, that Christine paid for the operation with the money she was saving for a summer school program this year.

On the day of the operation, we received a call in the late afternoon from the vet.  As I listened to Christine talking with the vet over the phone, she suddenly started laughing.  I thought what on earth was so funny?

She couldn’t stop laughing, even after she hung up the phone.  I was getting impatient because I was eager to hear how Jagger was doing after the surgery.  Finally, she managed a few words,and it turns out an ingrown intestine was not what ailed the tiny puppy.

When they opened him up, what they found inside, was one of my ear plugs.   I use earplugs when I sleep because my husband snores.  At any rate, I have them all over the house: in my purse, in dresser drawers, etc.  I guess a couple could have fallen on the floor when I got up at night for a drink of water.

This is the earplug Jagger swallowed. It may look big because it was swollen from the humidity inside the intestine.

Jagger must have found one, and devoured it.  All in all, this was a puppy story with a happy ending.  Today, Jagger is doing just fine.  He’s eating and playing just like all puppies do, and he’s getting potty trained too.  Yep, it looks like Jagger is here to stay.

And here he was today, having a good ole’ time with Winnie the Pooh

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