Keep Growing

You’ve done a great deal, and you’re capable of doing a great deal more. You’re capable and effective, and capable of becoming even more effective.

With each new day, you have a new opportunity to live up to your potential. Through focused, purposeful action, you can raise your standards and then exceed those standards.

Making use of what you’ve already achieved, you can achieve even more. With your wisdom and experience, you can gain ever more valuable wisdom and experience.

No matter how far you’ve come, there is always another adventure to be lived. There’s always a new and fulfilling way to make a difference.

To live is to grow, in strength, in wisdom, in experience and accomplishment. To grow is to live, in the richest and most genuinely satisfying way.

You’ve come a long way, so by all means keep going and growing. What’s so great about life is that you can make it greater.

— Ralph Marston

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