Bellota: Then and Now

Bellotita, in Spanish, “Little Bellota”

Three years ago, a foal was born at Rancho La Bellota.  This was an extra special event for us because she was the first foal born on our ranch, and Rose, Raul’s horse, who he had ridden for 10 years, was her mother.  Since the first day she was born we gave her lots of love, and careful discipline for handling purposes.  Everyone who met her, unable to resist her friendly attitude, gave her loads of attention.

Last year, Bellota went into training, but now she’s back as a 3-year-old, a lot bigger and just as sweet as ever.

It’s interesting how life seems to set things up for us, and usually it comes to us at the right time, and it’s exactly what we need, eventhough we aren’t aware of it, yet.

A few months ago, our cook in training took over the kitchen duties, and I decided it was time to start riding again.  The connection I felt to the landscape while riding, and the energizing sense of freedom I felt as if it were drawn in with every breath, called to me once again.

Synchronicity also pops into our lives when we least expect it.  Around this time, Raul told me Bellota was coming home soon.  I thought how wonderful it would be to have her back and Raul said he was looking forward to riding her too.

In 2005, I wrote a story about my relationship with my horse, which was published in a book called, Angel Horses.  In the first paragraph I wrote,”Whenever there was a crossroads in my life or a big decision I had to make, the right horse would always come along.”

My barrel racing horse, Pajaro, seemed to give me exactly what I needed to learn at that time in my life: self-confidence,  responsibility and commitment.

When I turned 40, Galleta came into my life.   My internal clock told me it was time to slow down, yet not completely, because adventure was still out there for me, just not as fast when Pajaro and I were barrel racing

Galleta was there when I was looking for a sense of calm in my life, peace and tranquility, yet if I wanted action, it would be there for me in a second.

Bellota at 6 months and my daughter, Christine

Now another horse has come into my life, again, when I’m at a crossroads.  The question, “Was I to give up riding for good? Was I to ignore what I loved to do and what fed my soul?

During the past month or so, I’ve seen a black horse in my dreams, sometimes alone, and sometimes I am riding her.  I say her, because, in this dream, I sensed she’s female. This is very interesting because for years, I have never given a second thought about who was going to ride Bellota.  It was well decided she was Raul’s horse, until I started having these dreams.

The horse and I are walking, sometimes galloping, down a long road, shaded on each side by beautiful sycamore trees with soft, red and yellow leaves littering the ground.  There’s no hurry and no danger.  Just a strong sense of going somewhere, this horse and I, as we travel the road together.  There are no other scenes in the dream.  The horse and I are making our way down the road, our destination unknown, yet in the dream I’m sure we’re  going somewhere.  Sometimes I see miles of road, far ahead of us, as it winds its way over the hills and valleys.  There’s no frustration at the length of our journey, as long as we’re making steady progress along the way.

I have no doubt, I will find out exactly where we are going, but this dream inspired me to recognize, I need to ride Bellota now.  The minute I got on her this past weekend, I knew we were a good match, just as I did with Pajaro and Galleta.  It felt right.

I have no idea what’s in store for us, but I have a feeling the long and winding road will take us to some very interesting places.

Caroline and Bellota

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