Here’s to the Netherlands at Rancho La Bellota!

This past week or so, has been a whirlwind of an adventure for everyone at La Bellota.  We’ve had the distinct pleasure of spending the past 10 days with a wonderful group of people who came from the faraway land of Holland.

I tried to learn a few words in Dutch.  “Bedankt” which sounds like (bedan) means thank you, and dog, is “hond”?  That’s about it for my Dutch language education.  “Nay”means, no, that was easy to figure out!

Raul took the group to the Gold Mine ride where they panned for Gold and explored the old mining town of Real Del Castillo.  This time he cooked too!  He made beef stew, chorizo and eggs, corn bread and get this, since it was Astrid’s birthday, he even made a birthday cake for her in the Dutch oven, which I hear was really good.

After the gold mines, the group went to Ensenada for shopping, lunch and a little rest.  The program for the following day, was cattle work at the ranch, so some time in Ensenada was a welcomed break.

On Thursday, a trip up to the Venado Trail, the highest peak on our property was a hit, complete with a cowboy lunch at the fish ponds and fire safety tips when smoking in the outdoors.

The fun and laughter all went hand in hand.  Raul and I had such a wonderful time with everyone,  and we are sure looking forward to hopefully seeing the group again next year.

Here’s to good people, fond memories, horses, Blue Heelers and lots of trail dust!

Yank, Meike, Hans, Bernice, Astrid, Anita, Loekie, Mary and Madeleine, thank you so much, we miss you already.

4 thoughts on “Here’s to the Netherlands at Rancho La Bellota!

  1. “sigh”
    Still missing Mexico , the super Ranch.. All the lovely people, the hard working horses, playing dogs, beautiful trails and breath taking views…Think I fell in love with every bit of it..
    Many many thanks Raul; & Caroline. And thank everybody who was there.. everyone laughed with us. Had a great time in the camp. Hahahahahaha.. still can keep on laughing. Yes coming back for sure. Don’t know how or when but there will be a way 🙂


  2. Hi Raul and Caroline, thanks for the wonderfull time on your Ranch! I had so much fun, “Follow me” Gabriel hahhaahah!! Wish i was still there. But i´m coming back, that´s for sure!
    Thanks again for all the fun and laugther hope to see you soon!


  3. Caroline and Raul: we totally miss you too! Still trying to adapt to the normal life here! Haha, and ‘dog’ is ‘hond’.
    ‘Echter’ means ‘but or however’ :). Think we all have to learn Spanish for the next time too.
    Thank you again for the best time ever!


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