Happy Holidays to All


The holiday season is here again, its gentle energy of joy and good cheer sinks into our hearts with each passing day.  We attend holiday Christmas parties and family reunions.  We shop for presents, and brave the crowds in a fierce determination to find the perfect gift for our loved ones.  While we wrap presents, maybe our favorite holiday tunes play in the backround, and we find ourselves compelled to sing along as words of peace, joy and good tidings ring in our ears, and accompany us as our thoughts take us back to memories of Christmas past.

It’s all familiar, yet each year is different.  We’re all unique individuals, each of us have experienced different events, and situations throughout the passing of this year.  We’ve learned, and we’ve grown, and as we strive to become better human beings, maybe more understanding has come to us about the world we live in, the intricate workings of life, and also about ourselves, and who we are.

On this Christmas Eve, as we sit down to dinner with family, friends and loved ones, our hearts flooded with love, joy and bright hopes for what lies ahead in the coming year, let’s also allow our hearts to overflow with gratitude for blessings received, all of which have come to us in many shapes and forms.

Let’s allow our hearts to rejoice at our experiences, what we’ve toiled with, and endured, but also what has lifted us up to new heights, to what sparked our hearts, and ignited our passions and creativity.

Let’s allow ourselves to delve deep within our heart of hearts in gratitude for the people in our lives, to those we have known, and to those who are no longer with us, not in physical form, but they are always with us in spirit, and in light.

Those people we remember, touched us deeply, as we did them.  It’s an exchange, and in a sense a partnership in life, an agreement might be a better word, for they were all teachers, healers, partners, and guides, all played their role in shaping our hearts and our souls, and helped to transform us, into the people we are today.

Christmas is time of joy, love and good cheer, but it is also a time of deep gratitude and light.  If only the spirit of the holiday season was with us every day, not just once a year, but every day, and in every moment of our lives.  What monumental light we could bring to everyone around us!  All it takes is for us to  feel through our hearts, one soul to another,  in the form of a smile, a kind word,  or an understanding glance, that passes momentarily between two people.

When speaking to the heart, words aren’t always needed.  The love and kindess we show each other will be passed on to another, and each person will feel inspired to show the same amount of kindness that was given to them.

Be joyous everyone, embrace your friends, your family and all of those who have touched you dearly in so many ways.  Let’s celebrate! Let there be joy in our hearts and let’s revel in those cherished memories of love and light, for all we have received, and all we will receive, and give to one another in this coming year.

May your hopes and dreams for 2013 come true, and a Happy New year to all.

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