Two More Days Till Nova Earth Day


Written by Steve Beckow

One of the joys of our lives is to create occasion. My mother used to create occasion every Sunday by having a large roast beef dinner for all her friends. We’d put a fire on in winter and eat Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings and everyone looked forward to Sunday.

And a gradual change came over the people who attended. Over time, out of coming to Mother’s Sunday dinners, they became whatever it was that Mom was trying to communicate by having them.

And Mom never communicated that something through words; always by example. She never communicated much at all, as I’ve noted on occasion. Mother was a consummate listener.

In fact a few words from Mom were enough to send people scurrying. I understand the whole scene better now, not as a result of what she said, but as a result of her example.

I took up listening too. And I took up many other things she modeled. Creating occasion, for instance. But prime among them, because it’s really what Mother was always modelling, was love.

We’re creating the occasion of Nova Earth Day, not as some didactic thing, but as an occasion to practice the divine qualities. We’re fashioning an event at which it’s appropriate to practice them.

That event has two components: there’s the occasion on which to express love – for Gaia, for each other, for the world. And there’s the occasion to express concern: in our case, joining Eve Ensler and One Billion Rising, towards the inequitable, often harmful, treatment of women on the planet.

Nova Earth Day is a day of love and compassion. It’s a day to practice the divine qualities and it’s a day to take steps to create Nova Earth. At its heart is a ten-minute time of meditation, from 1:01 p.m. local time to 1:11. “One” is the number of liberation and it’s a day of women’s final liberation from the dead hand of discrimination and persecution. Why? Because we say so. Why is anything so except because we say so?

It’s also a day of men’s liberation from attitudes that have never worked and won’t work now. Oppressing anyone never accomplished anything and more of the same won’t work either. Time to give it up.

“One” is the number of freedom. Just as we freed ourselves from the dead hand of the cabal, which is an external event, now we have the occasion to free ourselves from the dead hand of our own attitudes, which is an internal event.

What good is it to stop the depredations of a planetary elite and free the world from oppression and exploitation if we don’t free our own hearts and minds from the same impulses? Have we not left the seeds of the same events intact within ourselves if we refuse to clean our own house?

So this is a day on which to resolve and promise each other and ourselves that we won’t exploit or oppress anyone, that we’re dedicated to fairness and justice for all, that we’re committed to our fellow human being’s well-being and to a world that works.

Loving our neighbors is very sound advice because if our neighbor is not in good shape, they’ll see that we’re not either.

It’s very sound advice for another reason as well. We get to experience love, not from someone else really, if we look at the matter very closely. We get to experience it as it passes through us on its way to the outside world. So loving our neighbor keeps that neighbor in good shape but it also benefits us in the experiencing of love passing through us as well.

On Nova Earth Day, we love Gaia, our neighbor, and our world. And we look inside and see if there are any attitudes which militate against love, attitudes like keeping one class or group of people subservient.

On Nova Earth Day, we set the world free to be all it can be. And the world may just set us free to be all we can be as well. Nova Earth Day is the beginning of something new – a world that works for everyone.

Two more days until that Red Letter Day, a day of universal love.


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