BAJA RANCHO ART Celebrating artists and art-making within Baja California

bajarancho art

Baja Rancho La Bellota would like to introduce Baja Art Painting, for those interested in plein aire painting, sketching, photography workshops and winery tours in beautiful Baja California, just one hour south of the Tecate, Ca. border.

These workshops are for artists, or anyone who wishes to immerse within the beauty of nature, paint, enjoy good wine from the local Guadalupe Valley wine region, traditional Mexican home style food, horses back riding, and always, in the company of good people, and friends.

Let the backdrop of rustic ranch life in Baja California be your inspiration for painting!  Join us for plein air painting workshops and winery tours atRancho La Bellota.   Explore creative possibilities in the ranchos and wine country of Valle Guadalupe, our “studio of the south” for weekends of creativity, tasting, and relaxation.

For a full itinerary of what these workshops entail, please click on the link for more details.  http://www.bajaranchoart.

Ellen Parry is the event coördinator, here contact information is:

Ellen Parry
Event Coordinator
Baja Rancho Art





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