Rancho La Bellota Lavender Organics and Natural Skin Care Products





Posted by Caroline Aguiar

As I mentioned in our March news letter, at Rancho La Bellota we’ve planted over 120 lavender plants for propagation and crafting. My big dream is also to own a distiller some day in the future.

I believe nature’s medicine is an excellent way to take care of our health and over all well-being. Herbal teas have many health benefits and one in particular that I love to drink, especially because at times my life is slightly stressful. So what do I need to calm my nerves and reduce stress? A soothing cup of lavender tea!

Here is a recipe for Lavender Tea I hope you find as enjoyable to drink as I do. I drink this regularly when I’m at the ranch after a long day of riding, gardening or any other type of ranch work.

Lavender Tea

3 tablespoons fresh Lavender flowers or 1/2 tablespoons dried flowers

2 cups boiling water

Honey, and sliced lemon

To make Lavender Tea put flowers in a teapot or container along with boiling water allowing them to steep for a good 4-6 minutes.

Pour into cups straining if necessary to remove flower buds. Serve Lavender Tea with honey and sliced lemon.

Lavender Tea Benefits Include that of being calming and relaxing. Great for rattled nerves, and soothing stomach discomforts.


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