8 year old Crystal Grid Engineer!

I couldnt contain the joy which bubbled up inside me, or the broad grin which stretched across my face as I watched 8-year-old Adam, the Crystal Grid Engineer, while he demonstrated exactly how his Crystal Grid worked, and what its purpose was.

He said this Grid was designed not only to remove negativity from one person, but he truly believed it would help the entire world. I believed him too!

If the younger generations are moving towards this type of creative inspiration I’m all for it.  Congratulations Adam, what a bright, sensitive little boy you are. Your honest concern, and creative insight brings hope, joy, and inspiration.  It also might remind us that in light of any negativity we see within the world, or in our personal lives, there is also tremendous light, and positive energy around us as well.  We’re seeing this more everyday, and it’s youngsters like Adam who make it so.

I hope you enjoy this video.  I sure did!


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