October is Finally Here!


Posted by Caroline Aguiar, October 1st, 2014


I’ve watched the calendar like a race car driver watches the clock at the last count down before speeding away from the starting line.

Besides the weather issue, October has a certain nostalgia to it that I like.  Unfortunately, we rarely see significant seasonal changes here in Southern California, and Northern Baja California, but when October rolls around, I love to imagine the colors of the leaves as they change from green, to hues of yellows, oranges, and reds.  I enjoy crisp morning walks with the only sounds I hear are an ocasional bird, and the crunch of leaves as I walk under the trees.

Suddenly, the hub bub of Spring, its burst of color, new life, warmth, with the heat of summertime close at its heels comes to a screeching halt, as the earth gradually prepares for a long winters sleep.

The beginning of October is a sure sign the year is winding down, and this is often a time for reflection as we look back on any goals we hope to achieve this year, while at the same time we focus our attention on work we still have yet to do which will ultimately bring us closer to completing those goals.


Let’s not forget the holidays. One of my personal favorites is Halloween, and Dia De Los Muertos, Day of the Dead.  This is also a time when we’re reminded of those who are no longer with us in this physical world, while we remember them with love, and fond memories.

Times are changing in many ways, and as the weather changes, our internal clock does so as well. It tells us it’s time to shift gears, and prepare for Winter as we catch our breath, regain energy, and prepare again for the coming new year.


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