A New Life Begins



Posted by Caroline Aguiar, October 10, 2014


Yesterday, Raul, and I attended the academic ceremony for our son Ricky, who graduated from Vet School. He’s worked long, and hard towards becoming a professional in his field.  The best thing a parent could hope for, I think, is to see their child follow their passion, and do whatever it is they truly love to do.

This is the proud mother in me talking, but I think most mothers would say, when our children decide to take a significant step forward with their lives, and they are happy with what they’re doing, then what could be better than that?

Since my kids were little, I’ve told myself repeatedly, the day I see my kids accomplish their dreams, and they are happy, responsible, well-balanced adults, who are fully prepared to actively participate within their communities, then I’ll know my job is done.

Raul, Ricky, and Ricky’s Professor, M.C. Luis Mario Muños del Real

During these past few weeks, every time I look at Ricky, I see someone else. Not a boy, but a responsible young man who is now well on his way in his new life as a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine.

The professors, and staff at the University Autonoma of Baja California UABC, and the Institute of Veterinarian Sciences were outstanding. Raul and I are so grateful for their endless guidance, support, and friendship, not only for Ricky, but for all the students in Ricky’s class. The support they gave each student during their entire academic career was extremely important, and in turn, this is what ultimately led them home to the completion of their university careers.

As we all know, in the years of a university student there are times which are difficult, trying, and often frustrating, but then again, I bet if I ask Ricky what the best part of his university years were, he’d say everything!  

Congratulations Dr. Ricardo Aguiar! You, and your entire graduating class are well on your way as your new lives have now begun as dedicated individuals to the veterinary profession!



4 thoughts on “A New Life Begins

  1. Congratulations to Ricky and your whole family. You have put my thoughts about seeing our children grow and mature into beautiful words. Fondly, Debra



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