A Time of Great Courage


Ebola crisis

Posted by Caroline Aguiar, October 12, 2014


West Africa is experiencing the biggest outbreak of Ebola virus disease ever known, causing thousands of deaths, devastating fragile healthcare systems and damaging the economies of states, some of which are still recovering from civil war. Infections are now doubling every few weeks. The WHO predicts 20,000 cases by early November, while the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) says that if nothing changes there could be 1.4 million cases by late January.

While in the midst of global crisis, with no apparent end to the suffering the people of West Africa are enduring at this time,  I’d like to remind you once again of the courageous people who continue to fight in the face of devestating opposition, as they work continuously to over come the incredible odds which are heavily stacked against them.  Let’s remember the brave doctors, nurses, the volunteer workers, and all those behind the scenes who are risking their own lives to help others in great need.

It appears as if our world is in a state of chaos, and quite frankly, it is, but before we plunge into the depths of despair over what is ocurring around us, or to us, we might remember that we, as human beings, are brave, and courageous souls.  We are also capable of far more than we might think.

There are many out there who are working to bring peace back into our world, and although it appears hopeless at times, we as a people will never give up hope. We can’t, it’s simply not in our genetic makeup.  We will never stop working to over come the great obstacles, and difficulties which often pesent themselves in our lives.

I think we owe the numerous medical staff over there an incredible amount of gratitude for their courage, and dedication to humanity.  Our prayers are with everyone.






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