Lame Moves….


Posted by Caroline Aguiar, October 15, 2014


I call fowl!  Or better said, a lame move on my part……………….

This morning I woke up around 4:30 am which is a onging habit with me these days, and I was thinking about some of the ranch stories I’ve written which go back at least 15 years.  You see before we bought Rancho La Bellota, and as I’ve mentioned in my article, “How It All Began”, we were in a partnership with Raul’s Uncle Kiki at Rancho La Mentada for 12 years.

Actually, it was at La Mentada where we began a venture that soon began the adventure of our life time.  Before we knew it, our entire lives changed as we dove into a process of learning which would inevitably take us far beyond what we ever dreamed was possible.

I’ve wracked my brains as I try to remember where I put those stories.  I might have to write them again!  There was Eric’s Smile, a story about a university student who’s withdrawn attitude suddenly disappeared thanks to his horse, Blanco, and the first time I ever set foot at La Mentada 20 years ago!  What a trip that was, especially when traveling at night, with no moonlight, over rugged mountain roads, and your husband happened to be a former Baja Dessert Off Road Race Car Driver.

I feel these stories need to be posted as well because they are a great part of what transformed our lives: lessons of life.  So I’m going to hunt them down, or write them again.

It’s possible they are stuffed in a drawer somewhere, or stored on a backup file in my old computer. It’s worth a try!

Have a wonderful day!

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