My Proposal For This Blog Site


Dear Readers,

I’d like to reach out to all of you as I set some specific goals for the development of this blog site, and if you feel inspired to do so, I’d love to hear your feed back on them.

First, and foremost, I want this blog to be a place of community sharing.  Tons of comments is not the main focus here.  The idea is, if there’s a point about the contents of this blog which resonates with you, I’d like you to feel free to whole heartedly comment on what you read here as we craft together, a web community.

Secondly, I’m a diligent student of life. Actually, we all are.  In today’s world it’s often difficult to keep our heads above water. Or at least that’s what we think.  So another goal of  mine is to hopefully write (not that I know everything!)  more on topics of inspiration, and human growth.  Or, if anyone has a topic they want to suggest here, again, I’d like to hear from you.

Third, my last goal for this blog site is to continue to share what inspires me, with you.  This includes my ranch life stories, but also writings which reach out to the collective as one community classroom in this school of learning we call life.  Hopefully, I got my point across, and just so you know, I’m open for suggestions. 🙂

Regards to all,


6 thoughts on “My Proposal For This Blog Site

  1. Lovely idea, and I will try to contribute as and when I can. Firstly, I will follow you, then hope you will follow me back, and then look forward to reading your posts in my Reader. See you also in 201!


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