Where Would You Go If………


Posted by Caroline Aguiar

Have you ever wished you could create your own special place to escape the stress, and the daily routine?  Maybe you already have one!

Stress is now a main factor when it comes to emotional, physical, and mental illness.  Like it or not, we deal with stress all the time as we surge ahead with our  busy lives.

The question: Is it entirely possible to eliminate stress from every aspect of our life?   Probable not. How about this one.  Is it possible to set up a specific practice, or routine which brings us internal peace, instead of internal turmoil which stress so generously provides?

There’s no denying it, our world is a busy place.  We all have things to do, and responsibilities to uphold.  Realistically speaking, there’s no way to avoid responsiblity, nor would I want to, but I also think it’s important we find some sort of balance between peace, and chaos, which in turn will give us with the rest we need to reboot the battery so we can carry on with all the responsibilities we sometimes chose to take on, or those that  life automatically gives us.


Although the ranch is my place of work,  it’s also my special place where I forget about my worries, and detox from the stress, and strain of city life.  Now, if I were to consult my creative imagination, I’d find myself transported to quiet, green forests with lush vegetation, stoic trees, misty mornings, and gentle flowing streams.

Bosque Nublado-630021_800

In fact, I think I’d add-on a cozy, cabin next to the stream so the sound of soft, trickling water lulled me into a deep, and peaceful sleep every night.

Nature 1

It’s fun to explore our creative minds.  My family doesn’t quite understand this sometimes, but quiet time is often needed, especially when we’re so busy, and always on the run. 🙂

Riding my horse in the mountains at the ranch is my favorite personal getaway.  When I’m riding everything that worries me, or whatever my mind conjures up to keep me in a worried state of being suddenly takes a back seat to the peacefulness riding, and the outdoors brings me.

I’d like to ask you to consult your creative mind, and see where it takes you.  If momentarily, you could  transport yourself to an ideal place of peace, rest, and relaxation where would you go?

And remember, the best part about this is when you come back, you are fully restored with energy, patience, and whole-hearted willingness to carry on with the rush, and routine of daily life.


“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” -Amit Ray


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