Nurturing Our Creative Spirit


This is Simba, the lamb my daughter raised. He's all grown up now, and no longer where's a bandana.
This is Simba, the lamb my daughter raised. He’s all grown up now, and no longer where’s a bandana.

Posted by Caroline Aguiar


Today is Thursday.  This means it’s time to leave the city ( Yay!), and head out to the ranch. We have a ladies group coming this weekend from San Diego. We’ll do a little wine tasting, horse back riding, visiting, and knowing my husband Raul, some tequila tasting for sure!

Like I said yesterday, this is one of my jobs, and one that I truly enjoy. I’m also an ESL English Teacher during the week.  Raul and I meet so many different people at the ranch, and from all over the world; its such a blessing to establish communication with them which often enough, turn in friendships.

I think one important aspect of my job is listening. On many occasions, folks who stay with us feel comfortable enough to open up about who they are, and what they do, as they chose to express their hopes, and desires for the future.

Again, another blessing because although we may be strangers at first, they soon feel comfortable, and relaxed in their environment, and with us.  That’s the idea!  Raul and I want everyone who visits us to feel at home.

When I hear our guests talk about their hobbies, work, their families, children, and grandchildren with such love, energy and enthusiasm, I can’t help but absorb it myself.  It feels so good to see, and feel the joy others are experiencing in their lives.

Speaking of enthusiasm, lately I’ve explored Word Press more than I usually do, and I found some wonderful blogs which truly inspired me.  Writers, photographers, public journals, and poetry too!  All of whom are dedicated to reaching out to others, and who want to share with folks of like mind on what brings them joy, and what inspires them as well.  Isn’t it great we can do this from far across the globe too. No kidding we’re becoming a global community!

As I remove myself from the global community this week, I just wanted to encourage everyone to keep on doing what you love!  If ever someone tells you, you can’t, or you’re not good enough don’t listen to them.  Listen to what your heart tells you, and follow that creative spark.

Sometimes when it comes to writing, I get bogged down when my mind says, “I don’t have time”, or “I’m not good enough”.  Maybe that’s the trouble some writers, like myself (actually I’m a wanna be writer) often run into.  We think too much about what to write.  Why not find that clear space in our heads, far away from all the mind chatter, and see what our creative spirit comes up with?  Many of you probably already have that one nailed down, but I’m certainly going to give it try.

We should also remember, it’s not the measure of words we add to our posts, it’s the quality of what’s in those posts, and with that I mean quality of heart.

I love hanging around creative people, you are all so inspiring. 🙂  Now I’m off to the ranch for more creative inspiration from lovely scenery, excellent company, and inspiring conversations; and I won’t forget to take Bellota (my horse) for our ride up into the mountains, and distress for a while!

Keep up the good work everyone, whatever you do, and so will I.  One more thing, listen to your heart, and do what you love.  Listen to your Creative Spirit, and you’ll never go wrong!




3 thoughts on “Nurturing Our Creative Spirit

  1. I sometimes worry that my writing isn’t good enough too, but it feels so good to write and photograph that I try to make time to do it. Mostly, it feels wonderful here at WordPress to connect with like-minded people who support each other and encourage. You have a lovely little blog. Just keep plugging away – you inspire whether you realize it or not. 🙂


    1. Hi Lori,
      I’ll bet that same thought has occurred at one time or the other to everyone who writes, but nevertheless, it sure feel good to do it, and even if life gets busy, we should make time to do what we love to do, right? I’m discovering this great community at WordPress too, and I think it’s great. Take care, and thank you for your encouragement. I’ll keep at it! And you too. 🙂


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