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Unfortunately, I have no entries to post for you, yet.  There’s still time if you want to place an entry before November 30th. Just click on the link for full details, and send your entry (500 word limit) in an attachment to me: Or go to my menu bar and look for Painting With Words Blog Event for more details.

Yesterday, I read some interesting comments on another blog which really made me think because they were specifically commenting on blog awards.

From what I gathered, the rule on receiving a blog award is to post the award to the awardee’s site, and then find 15 other blogs to nominate for the same award.  This is a nice gesture because it inspires, and motivates others to keep up the good work, and carry on with their creativity.  When I first started my blog, I received an award, and I admit, I was a little surprised, but, it felt good to know someone was actually reading what I wrote, and this inspired me to keep going.

It’s my guess, and I’ll attest to this myself, that some of you might think it’s great to receive an award from fellow bloggers because it symbolizes the dedication, and hard work which has gone into writing your blog. To keep up an active blog, make posts, and answer comments takes time, and planning. It also takes dedication, and heart because those who do this, and stick with it have a general interest in communicating with others, and the world around them.  I think we should give all of ourselves an award for this!

As I write this post, it’s 4:30 PST.  This is about the only time during my day that I have time to write alone, and uninterrupted.  I’m okay with that (the coffee pot is almost ready) because I love to write, I love to communicate, and I’m sure all of you do too.

The comments I read the other day which centered around the insignificance, and incredibility of a blog award stuck with me.  I want to stress here that to receive an award for my blog event, Painting With Words is not the main focus of this event.  It’s a complimentary symbol of the hard work, and dedication to what you write, as a writer, blogger, communicator,or whatever you wish to call yourself, and this is very important.

My objective for this event is to share, and support one another, right here at the WordPress community with those who are of like mind, and who love to write.  While I’m at it, here’s another point.  I’m not looking for comments, nor am I the one who will decide the best overall entry.  You are. I just keep record of everything, but it’s you, the readers who will vote through your comments, and decide which entry reveals to you, a Painting With Words.

Lastly, by comments, I don’t mean we should blast another person’s work with a blowtorch. We’re looking for helpful suggestions which may, or may not improve the writer’s skills in their descriptive story telling.  Encouragement is always helpful, but the question is: Through the writer’s words, if you were standing in front of a window, looking out, do you see exactly what the writer portrays through his/her description of the scene before you?

That’s what I’d like those who comment to consider.  Be supportive, but also be honest, and sincere. Encourage the writer to improve if there is something which doesn’t quite agree with you, or give them a full on “Good Job!”  Let’s support each other, and while we’re at it, let’s get to know each other as well!

I’ll leave it on the table for you to decide; that is until next Tuesday.  I’m not giving up.  Here at WordPress we’re a community of writers, bloggers, and story tellers, and we can come together with helpful suggestions, and plenty of kudos for all which in turn will inspire us to keep going, and to keep communicating with the rest of the world, and with each other. 🙂

So– Are you ready to paint yet?

4 thoughts on “Painting With Words Submission Entrys

  1. 500 words? I knew there was something I was not remembering about this. I think Painting With Words is a good practice for anyone doing any kind of writing. Description is so valuable for everything from food and fashion to news and social topics.


    1. Hi April, Thanks for commenting on Painting With Words. Description is incredibly valuable to all writers because our objective, I think, when we write, we want to transport the reader to that window of future, past, or present, so they see what we are seeing in our immaginations, and/or from our own lives. Vivid description brings the reader into the story, not only as the reader of said story, but as a participant as well. .


  2. I appreciate your perception about awards. It has not changed how I feel about them personally, but I do respect the importance of them for those who wish to participate.And I agree, being supportive and encouraging is so important. I think what turns me away from the various awards here in the blogging community is that recognition shouldn’t come at the price of having to nominate a specific number of people and following a set of rules to fulfill the acceptance of the award. I make time to simply commend people in the comments section of a post. If I wish to help another person – critique or offer help, then I do it privately via the email address provided in the profile – and I appreciate the same of my own writing. Whatever works for each of us is what is important!


    1. Hi Lori,

      I agree with you 100% on all accounts. Perhaps that is truly the best way to support each other, rather than this proposed blog event. Private communication via email is probaably the best way to encourage, and support our community at WordPress. Thank you very much for your comment. Each of us knows what works for us, and what doesn’t. I also wanted to say, I really appreciate all the encouragement I’ve received over the years, and I’m extremely grateful to all of you who have given me your support here.

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