The Importance of Me Time


Yesterday’s wake up call came quite early.  Today it was around 5:30 when I stumbled into the kitchen, revved up the coffee maker, only to return to the comfort of my bed as I snuggled underneath the covers until the coffee’s delightful caffeinated aroma reached my room.

With a watchful eye on my cobalt-blue, coffee mug which dutifully sits on the bed side table next to me, I’m once again underneath the covers, with my laptop in place, and I’m ready to enjoy the early morning hours before another busy day begins.

My husband thinks I’m nuts for waking up so early every morning, but I make it a point to defiantly inform him although this may be true, I need my Me time!  I realize this may sound selfish to some, but as a working mother, teacher, secretary, zoo-keeper, half-assed psychologist, and care-giver, sometimes, I need a break.

My Me time is mega important because it’s the only time when I can choose what I want to do without having to consult the daily schedule first.  It’s also a time when I’m able to do what I love, which is to write.

As I work on this post, the house is so quiet.  The occasional barks from our dogs at passers by, or the rumblings of cars from the street momentarily draw my attention, but then my thoughts quickly return to my beloved keyboard; the source of the written word, and what I love to do.

The other day as I drove out of the city on my way to the ranch I think I had a true self-realization which might apply to folks in general.  The reason I say this is because all of us, no matter who we are, or where we live will probably understand what I want to say.

Aside from our daily responsibilities, and things to do throughout our day, if there is an activity we’re passionate about, but often gets pushed down to the bottom of the pile because we have it in our minds there are other more important duties which need our attention, we might want to take a long, hard look at what we’re doing to ourselves.

In our efforts to accommodate to others needs, and wishes, not to mention the daily tasks we carry out each day, and when we focus too much on the world outside ourself, in a sense we lose a vital component of our overall emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Okay, you ask, what’s my point?

It’s this.  If we don’t take time to nurture our inner self, then we aren’t able to deal with stressful situations which may come up during the day.  This is when we begin to feel frustrated with life, and sometimes physical illness is a very real possibility.

I’m not complaining…….well, maybe a little, but my life is overflowing with things to do every single day.  I work seven days a week, and sometimes I feel like going on strike from life in general. I’ve threatened my husband many times with, “I will not work seven days a week forever!”  Or, here’s a good one, “Watch out, because if I go on strike, you’ll be in big trouble!”  He usually chuckles, and gives me a big, hug.  Honestly, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by life’s demands I want to run for the hills, and say, “Everybody off!”

Another point I’d like to add here.  I love what I do, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, but when we become saturated with unavoidable demands we often unconsciously put upon ourselves ( I do this all the time), or those tryng demands life brings us, what can we do so we’re not bogged down with stress, and negative points of view?

My answer; we make time for ME.  And by that I mean, we make time to do what brings us joy, and what we love to do.  When we engage with our creative self through any activity which we’re passionate about, we go to a place inside ourselves which is free of stress, strain, doubt, and worry.  This is when our busy minds relax, and the only thing that matters as we immerse ourselves in this beloved activity is doing what we love to do.  Thus, we are taking care of ourselves so that we can continue on with life’s demands, and our own, whatever that may be.

I used to feel like a prisoner of my mind because it kept reminding me of all there was to do each day as I zoomed from one thing to another like a hard-wired robot.  To me, this is not what life is about.

As I drove down the highway that day, it occurred to me that doing what I love to do, which is write, spend time in nature, ride my horse, and be with my family is what gives me the extra boost I need so I’m able to overcome feelings of “overwhelm” when life gets hectic.

This is especially true when it comes to writing.  It feels so good to write, I find it hard to explain in detail why this is so, but it’s something I’m passionate about.  So if it means waking up in the early morning hours to meet with my creative self, then so be it.  I’m making the effort to take care of myself by finding my joy in doing what it is I love to do.

While we’re on the subject. I used to beat myself up (not literally!) because I thought I wasn’t a good writer, or why even bother with it, I don’t have time.  Then I realized, I can make time, if I wanted too.  I can improve my writing skills, if I wanted too.   When we realize the initial goal we might have set for ourselves in the beginning is not as important as the process of how we get there, then all the self-ridicule comes to a halt, and the fun begins.  It’s the process on our way to our set goal which brings us further learning, and growth. That’s the fun part!

I decided I may never write an award-winning novel, and that’s perfectly okay, because it doesn’t stop me from engaging with my creative self on a daily basis, or from following my passion.

Me time also brings the much-needed inner peace, and calm that I need to carry out my day with my best positive perspective, and overall attitude, and one that isn’t driven by the incessant demands of my mind.

On that note, I enrolled in two writing classes.  The first one begins in December, and the other one in January.  This is my way of taking a positive step forward, away from the prison of my mind, and a few steps closer to my creative self, and I plan to have fun with it too.

Follow your passion if you feel so inclined to do so. If this is what you chose, I guarantee this is the key to finding our internal peace, and our True Self. The self that lies behind the false identity of our minds which often tells us we can’t, or that we’re not good enough.

What we’re truly passionate about is often what we were indeed meant to do. That doesn’t mean it all comes in the snap. We might have to work at it some, but that’s part of the process as we go through life.

Deep in your coded instructions, your Creator has placed a very special job that only you can do…….you are patented, and copyrighted in heaven.”

_ Author Unknown





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