The Daily Motivator by Ralph Marston

Ralph Marston from the Daily Motivator is one of my favorite writers, and philosphers.  He has an inspiring blog site that truly reaches out to others through the written word.  If you want to visit his site here’s the link.

Since 1995, people around the world have been finding motivation and inspiration on the web at The Daily Motivator. Originally started as a labor of love by Ralph Marston, the site has become one of the most popular and enduring destinations for daily positivity.

More than anything, the brief daily messages are intended to be reminders, bringing you back, day after day, to the best that’s within you. Over the years, Ralph has written more than 4,500 daily messages. Each one is unique and original. Though they do sometimes touch on spiritual matters, the messages, by design, do not reference or promote any particular religious belief. They are carefully crafted to be accessible and valuable to all people, regardless of their religious, political or philosophical orientation.

 I’ve posted his latest entry. It’s not a long read, but every word leaves you with something to think about during your day.

Hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. 🙂

                       From the Daily Motivator by Ralph Marston

                               “Going With What you Feel”

Sometimes what you’re about to do just feels right, in a way you are sure of but cannot explain. Pay attention to that feeling, for in it is wisdom accumulated through all your experience.

Other times, what you’re doing feels wrong, not for any particular reason but just because. That is an almost certain indication it is not right for you.

Reason and logic provide valuable guidance and reliably lead to magnificent achievements. Sometimes, though, it is best to step back from the purely reasonable and go with what you feel.

The best person to know when that is appropriate is you. At some level, you know how authentic, how honest, and how well advised your feelings are.

Though you may not even realize it, you are highly skilled at recognizing patterns. And many times you can feel those patterns much more clearly than you can articulate them.

Go forward based on objective reality, on reason and logic, on the facts available to you, but don’t go against your feelings. Go with what feels right, and make use of the wisdom within you that grows more profound with every experience.

— Ralph Marston

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