The Netherlands and Real Del Castillo

These pictures were taken by Photographer, Mary Van den Boogaard, who was one of the participants from the Netherlands in 2012. Not only is it an excellent example of excellent photography, but it also depicts the vastness of this world we live in, and the many ways we can capture it on film, or enjoy it in person.  I’m working on my own photography skills, and I hope some day to take a decent picture. Not near what Mary can do, but I can certainly give it a shot!  I hope you enjoy the photos. 🙂


On the way…….. the group rode for miles, and miles without a single fence line.


This is what I love so much about riding. When it’s just me, and my horse out there on the landscape, the silence, and surrounding beauty I immerse myself in is the number one therapy I need to rid my body, and mind of stress, and strain.  Relax: 101!


Our son Ricky, his dog Penny, and our wrangler taking a short break on top of The Wall.


And someone’s cozy campsite at our base camp at the Gold Mines in Real Del Castillo


Here’s Astrid with a big smile on her face, and Raul is in the backround.


The morning of the Gold Mine departure…….


Time for a good, long drink. Here’s Hans, and our wrangler, Gabriel.


And our lovely photographer, Mary Van den Boogaard, and her horse Rosinante. Notice the camera bag firmly attached to her hip.  If you’d like to see more of Mary’s photography, you can find her on Facebook at: Mary

People inspire me, what can I say. 🙂

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