Wishing I Was There………..




Due to a recent set back from last year’s knee injury I wasn’t able participate at the ranch this week with a family who was visiting from over seas.  Raul frequented the office on top of the hill to update me by phone on happenings at the ranch, but believe me it wasn’t the same as actually being there.

Raul informed me each day of their daily activities, where they rode and other events which unfolded throughout the day. He also told me what nice people they were and how much I’d enjoy meeting them.  I wished so much I could have gone.  Apparently it wasn’t in the cards this week but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try.

With my bags packed and in the car, on Tuesday morning the plan was to drive out to the ranch after my doctors appointment, buy smores provisions on the way for the kids, and have a great time, granted,  I rested and took care of my leg.  Unfortunately, my doctor didn’t approve of the plan.  He told me to go home, to not do anything and to rest.

I have a problem with not going to the ranch. Although my gypsy suitcase is packed and ready to go all the time, traveling back and forth from the city to the ranch is what I do, but it’s not what I prefer.

When I turn off the main highway and hit that dirt road with nothing but wide open spaces and distant mountains in the foreground, I feel like I’m going home.  Logically, I’d say I have two homes and this is very true, but when I think about spending time at the ranch while taking care of a group, or Raul and I spending some time alone, I feel great inside because I know the ranch is somewhere I need to be. Truth be told, our life and work at the ranch is truly what fills our tank when we’re running low on fuel.

This past week I missed meeting some wonderful people and by Raul’s discription of what went on I missed a lot.  He said they had a wonderful time.

This has made me even more determined to get well, and get this knee problem cleared up so I won’t miss anymore of what’s going on at Rancho La Bellota!




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