Las Comadres Return!



Like the Goddesses, Las Comadres are an amazing group of ladies who have visited us every Spring for many years. If I were to explain why they’re so special I could easily repeat, word for word, everything I said in my previous post, Welcome Home Goddesses, and it would be right on target. That’s because the ladies of Las Comadres are indeed Goddesses too!  They are remarkable ladies who, like the Goddesses, always brighten our day with their vivacious presence and love of life.

Over the weekend, Raul took them on an all day ride with lunch on the trail. It was cold, and windy most of the day so hot cowboy coffee, and tasty bean, chorizo, and cheese burritos really hit the spot.

When the cowboys of Baja California are out on the range working cows, sometimes from sun up to sun down, burritos and coffee over an open camp fire is the way to go. That’s because they’re easy to prepare and they fit perfectly inside a saddle bag. Believe me, after working hard on the range and riding trails the second those burritos pop out of the saddle bag and hit the grill, with hot coffee on the side, there’s nothing tastier!

After an all day excursion, the group arrived back at the ranch by late afternoon. Eventhough it was still cold, no one seemed to mind. We sipped delicously, sweet pineapple margaritas, thanks to Raul who made them, and munched on homemade salsa and tortilla chips before dinner.

That night we dined on fresh lamb, born and raised on the ranch, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, salad and Mexican Arroz Dulce (sweet rice pudding) for dessert.  We also had a surprise encore performance from Master Guitarrist Gerrardo Valderama who, once again, blew his audience away with his talented gift for song, and music.

It was a spectacular time with these very special ladies, Las Comadres, and we’re so looking forward to seeing them again next year. Viva Las Comadres!

The group is ready to head out on an all day ride. Our pack horse, Venado is loaded and ready too.





A view of cabins 3 and 4 while standing in front of the kitchen. The pool and outside sitting area to the right, fire pit and star gazing site on the left!  The fence between the cabins and patio area is the main garden, and a work in progress.





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