Heartland: Family, Life and Horses!



Raul and I have discovered a wonderful television show, based out of Canada that beats all the mainstream TV shows that are on the air right now by far.  In fact, with the poor quality of television these days, Heartland shouldn’t even be associated with mainstream shows, it’s that good!  Why am I writing about a TV show? For starters, it centers on three things that catch our eye.  Horses, ranching, and family.

I started watching the show 6 months ago, and I told Raul on many occasions how good it was and if he wanted to watch an episode with me. At first he laughed it off and said it looked like a teenage soap opera, although the horses and beautiful Canadian country side did catch his eye.  Finally, we watched two shows together and that was it. He was hooked.

Heartland 2

Now if any of you know Raul personally, and many of you do, my cowboy husband is not the kind to sit down and watch fantasy story lines with exaggerated, over dramatic actors pretending to know what they’re doing, especially when it comes to riding and handling horses.  He wants to see  real ranch life and he wants to authentically relate with what goes on behind the scenes of a working ranch.

Besides, horses, and ranching, Heartland is about real life. It’s about family, growing up, and relationships with a strong emphasis on morals and principles that everyone would want their children to learn. There are joys and often sorrows, but that’s what real life is about. Learning and growing, and that’s what Heartland is about too. I’d recommend it to everyone if I could.

And the best part about this show?  There is no sex, drugs, or violence!  None. Hard to believe in this day and age but it’s the truth. Adults, children, teenagers and horse lovers everywhere will love it.  Heartland is for everyone and it will truly warm your heart.

Will you see horses on the show?  Yes! Heartland is loaded with horses and everything that goes with them.  In every episode the story line brilliantly covers each genre of horsemanship; rodeo, roping, bull dogging, barrel racing, Show Jumping and Eventing, trick riding, and natural Horsemanship as well.  One of the lead characters, Amy Fleming, played by actress, Amber Marshall, is a young girl, who, after losing her mother in a car accident, decides to follow her mothers footsteps as the horse trainer at Heartland Ranch.


At first, Amy is unsure of her abilities as a trainer but her natural gift for working with horses and the loving support of her family inspire her to move forward with her life even if the face of tragedy.  She’s a brave girl who discovers her strengths and reconciles with her weakness.  She learns from her mistakes and carries on, as we all do.  That’s what life is about; learning, growing, and moving forward.

As I write this, Raul just called me from the ranch. He rode his horse to the top of our hill where we get a cel signal.  He said he just finished watching another episode of Heartland, Season 8, and he says it’s sooo good! I tried to get him to tell me what happened in the last episode, but he laughed like a kid who had a big secret to tell, but couldn’t. He said I’d just have to wait and see.

We found Heartland on Netflix, and you can watch up to Season 6. I guarantee, after Season 6 you wont be able to stop.  We bought the following seasons on Amazon, but if you want to see the Heartland Website go to:  Heartland CBC TV Series for times and zoning nearest you.

amy and jack
Amy Fleming, played by actress Amber Marshall, on her horse Spartan with her grandfather, Jack Bartlett, played by Shaun Johnston

It’s not everyday you find a good, wholesome show on television these days. It’s gotten so bad, I quit watching it. Heartland is a show the entire family can watch together. Every Sunday night, after the group leaves, the horses are fed, the sheep are safe in their corral and bedded down for the night and when all is quiet again, Raul and I whip up some snacks and watch a couple of Heartland episodes before turning in for the night.  It’s something we look forward too, and it’s something we enjoy doing together.

Give heartland a shot.  You won’t be disappointed!





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