Project in the Works

Rudo and Kalua ready for work.

It’s been a long time since I really sat down to write.  I’ve written about important recent events but I can’t remember the last time I wrote a short story which, when it comes to writing, it’s what I like to do.

So, with that said, I’m planning a series of short stories about our very special friends and working companions at the ranch. Their names are Agave, Kalua, Rudo, Botete, and Minnie.  Besides our horses, these five canines, including Ricky’s Penny who just passed away, are tremendous highlights to the overall experience at the ranch.  They’re part of the Rancho La Bellota family and I’d like to share with you why this is so, but, in a very different way.  Each dog will tell his or her story through their eyes.

Agave in the chair posing for the camera

Botete will tell you all about his life long feud with his brother Rudo and Kalua might give us some insight as to why she hates snakes and coyotes so much!  Minnie, our 19 year-old Border Collie will give an account of her life which also has a long and enthralling history, how she feels about the other dogs, especially Kalua, and why she smiles.  Rudo, who gets a little agitated sometimes, and seems to get along with women better than men will also have his story to tell.  And our dear Agave, mother to them all will tell the tale of her life on the rancho, her relationships with her children, and her human friends.

Through the Eyes of a Dog seems like the perfect title for this series of upcoming stories. I’ll post them one at a time and I truly hope you enjoy them as much as I did in writing them.

Warm regards to all,

Caroline Aguiar



Ricky’s Penny


Our 19 year-old Minnie Girl
Dinner time!
my pic
Caroline’s Brandy
And here is Tequila, the Border Collie that started it all and who brought Raul and I together.

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